Dan (DJ) works as a fight choreographer, action arranger, and stunt co-ordinator; choreographing and co-ordinating theatrical and filmic violence for theatres, productions, and educational institutes around the UK and Europe; having worked on projects for industry bodies such as BBC, Southwark Playhouse, Ealing Studios and The Marlowe Theatre - as well as teaching at such institutes as Drama Centre London (Central Saint Martins), East 15 Acting School and Drama Studio London.

DJ has expertise in a range of weapon systems, including a background in Aikido and Krav Maga - as well as being a qualified Self Defence Instructor. He also has experience in wirework, breakables, and firearms training.


A diverse range of experience and qualifications allows DJ to develop more dynamic and holistic violence for stage and screen - moulding physical scores that connect with the actor/character and moving the scene to a more resonant and visceral level. Above all else, he strives to keep actors safe at all times and maintain an open dialogue between performers and directors.

Alongside choreographing fight and action sequences; DJ also focuses on fitness, partner work/connection (incl. Acrobalance), spatial awareness, physical storytelling, general performer safety and physical actor training.

Selection of equipment available for use and hire:

​- Rapier & Dagger

- Single Handed Broadsword

- Quarterstaff

- Small Sword

- Military Sabre

- Knives / Daggers

- Shields

- Safety mats and body padding


DJ has successfully passed the 'APA COVID-19 Shooting Guidelines Assessment Test' and the 'COVID Safe Martial Arts Instructor Certification', endeavouring to adhere to the safety guidelines as best as possible and limit the risks of coronavirus transmission during productions.


To see more about DJ & the 'Master At Arms' COVID-secure approach within the field in this current climate, please click here.

Represented by: 

Loesje Sanders Ltd



Dan is a practitioner and core member of 'Master At Arms': a collective of fight directors, stage combat tutors, and stunt coordinators recognised and accredited by SpotlightUK - granting him the ability to assess and certify students from the select five 'Master At Arms' skill sets - a range of unarmed and armed. 


'Master At Arms' doesn’t additionally charge for examination, certification or re-certification - instead opting for ongoing assessment throughout the training and ending with a showing.


Recent work includes international tours, short films, music videos and street theatre - alongside teaching the magic of stage and screen violence to all; young and old, 1-on-,1 and in groups.

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'Eigengrau' by Aoife Smyth
'Katzelmacher' by Kay Michael
'Peter Pan' by Off The Ground Theatre
'Katzelmacher' by Kay Michael
'Breakaway' by Out Of Hours Theatre
'Katzelmacher' by Kay Michael
'All My Friends...' - Ravanburn Film




“Splendidly directed

Elaine Pinkus -
UK Theatre Network



Unfortunately, due to the current situation with COVID-19, all upcoming Workshops have been postponed until further notice.

As soon as future dates are locked in, this page will be updated.

See you soon!...


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