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"...a fresh and innovative approach..."

Gordon Kemp -

Head of 'Acting & Stage Combat' at East 15 and Master BADC Teacher

"...clear, engaging and inspiring..."

Dougie Hempkin -

Student of Drama Centre London

"...has such an extensive knowledge of his craft..."

Keith Wallis -

Resident Italia Conti Fight Director and practitioner of 'Master@Arms'


Dan teaches and sculpts theatrical and filmic violence to theatres and educational bodies around the UK; including Drama Centre London (Central Saint Martins) and The Marlowe Theatre (Canterbury) as their Creative Development Stage Combat Tutor - having recently worked with them for their performance of Julius Caesar (in association with the RSC) and for their National Theatre Connections program.

Dan's diverse training has allowed him to develop more dynamic and holistic theatrical violence - moulding physical scores that connect with the actor/character and moving the scene to a more resonant and visceral level, as well as keeping actors safe and comfortable at all times by maintaining an open dialogue between performers and directors.

Alongside core techniques and principals of stage combat; Dan also focuses on spatial awareness, fitness, partner work/connection, physical storytelling and general performer safety and physical actor training.

Dan is a practitioner of 'Master@Arms', a guild recognised and accredited by Spotlight - meaning he can certify students from the select five 'Master@Arms' skill sets - ranging through unarmed and armed. M@A doesn’t charge for examination, certification or re-certification - instead it’s ongoing assessment throughout the training (still ending with a scene showing, rather than a “fight test”). There also isn't an expiry date on the certificate, as they trust the performer knows their competency and safety as to whether they need a refresher course or not.

Recent work includes international tours, music videos, street theatre and short films, alongside teaching the magic of stage and screen violence to all; young and old, 1-on-1 and in groups.

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